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The lion’s sons are known only as lions, Brahmins are recognized among millions.

The pure mind is itself Brahman; it, therefore, follows that Brahman is not other than the mind of the sage.

The earth trembles, the dolls are big courts cheer the Brahmin when the sky echoed.

If you burn, let it burn
Extinguish is not my job
Do not burn to ashes
So Brahmin is not my name

Great indeed are the devas who have sprung out of Brahman.

On the land of karma, flowers of fortune bloom, If luck is on the high, then only a Brahmin’s home is born.

Never bow what will you bow Brahmanism is a fire that will keep on burning.

Similar to a person who is not attached to external pleasures but enjoys happiness in the Atman (soul), the person who perceives Brahman in everything feels everlasting joy.

Brahmins do the highest order, Then whether it is development or destruction of someone.

Whenever a Brahmin wants to destroy Saturn When a Brahmin ascends Rahu, Saturn makes it right.

On the land of karma, Luck’s flowers bloom. Luck if high

Only then do you get birth in the house of #Brahmin …
Ajay Shri Parashuram ji

The act of offering is Brahman; that which is offered is Brahman; the sacred fire is Brahman; the one who makes the offering is Brahman; Brahman is thus attained by those who, in their actions, are absorbed in the contemplation of Brahman.

We are not a stone, we are a child of a Brahmin.

The scriptures and weapons from which they were born are old Earth was also made heaven, which is the story of that Brahmin.

Deities like Brahma and others taste only a particle, of the unlimited Bliss of Brahman and enjoy in proportion their share of that particle.

Previously proud to be a Brahmin, now proud to be a Brahmin.

I will sing the song of Mahadev to my tune
I have come as a Brahmin and I will come again to become a Brahmin.

Brahman, They also do high-quality bowls! Whether it is Bo Vikas or Vinas…!

All objects are pervaded by Brahman. All actions are possible because of Brahman: therefore Brahman permeates everything as butter permeates milk.

There is a history of Brahmins written in big golden letters.
Why do you take away the rule of the Panga Pandits?

For all this diversity, the core of East Indian spirituality is Hinduism, especially as disclosed in the notion of Leela (also spelled Lila), or play. The entire cosmos is a Leela, a dance of energy, a drama staged by Brahman, the Absolute. Leelas are also specific celebrations.

No matter how much anyone tries to be like us,
Lions are born, not created, Jai Brahmin empire, Jai Parashurama.

Violence – Non-violence accountant
Pandit has played Holi for blood for defense.

Walking on fire
Will walk
I was born as BRAHMAN
I will die by becoming BRAHMAN

It is said that killing even a fetus is as criminal as killing a Brahman; and that for killing a female or woman, the punishment is to suffer in the Naraka, or Hell called Kata Shutala, for as many years as there are hairs on the female’s body, and that afterward such person shall be born again and successively become a leper.

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The story is written by small people …
History is written.

The day Pandit opens old history,
On seeing us, even the humble ones will speak Zay Zay Brahmin.

Why is the burden of sin and virtue increased?
Pandit found equality in happiness, sorrow, and profit and loss.

Similar to a person who is not attached to external pleasures but enjoys happiness in the Atman (soul), the person who perceives Brahman in everything feels everlasting joy.

Read what is the story of a Brahmin in the eyes
Their family is habitual in staying in attitude.

See who has seen him with knowledge from Nayano
That Brahmin does not sleep overnight for human welfare.

We are, the great spiritual writers insist, most fully ourselves when we give ourselves away, and it is egotism that holds us back from that transcendent experience that has been called God, Nirvana, Brahman, or the Tao.

Do not show your attitude, son, will burn
If he hits the Pandit, he will be beaten to the house.

When Brahmins come, Vasant Ritu comes
Nature improves with the arrival of the spring season
Culture improves with the arrival of a Brahmin.

Chess tricks are lost to them. Those who practice…
We are anxious about Lord Parshuram, do not worry about defeat and victory.

Brahman sutras contain directions regarding yagna for Brahmins.

If Brahmins change, the results change,
All the scenes, all the consequences are changed.

The Pandit is hungry and is called Sudama
The one who becomes a Pandit becomes a Chanakya
The pundit who became angry then becomes Parashurama.

The scare of Yamraj is called Yamdoot,
Yamraj, who is scared, is called a Pandit,
If you do not believe, then read the history of Ravana.

What work is that Brahmin who does not take the name of Parashurama.

Brahmin Ekam
Brahmin douna
Whenever Brahmin’s blood boils
The corner of the shivering earth.

Neither eyes are evil nor mouth is black,
What will any of you spoil, you are going to get your head off.

Burn if let burn
Not our job to extinguish,
Torches that don’t turn to ashes
So Brahmin is not my name.

Pundit bad or bad world, could not decide
The fucking pundit became everyone, but none of the pandits could.

Money is not a boast.
There is pride in being a priest.

The lion’s ride and the pundit’s luck are destined for the lucky ones.

No need to find support
Pandits are equal to an army alone.
Jai Parshuram!

When the shadow falls,
So your father Brahmin came to understand.

All science is transcendental or else passes away. Botany is now acquiring the right theory – the avatars of Brahman will presently be the text-books of natural history.

We Brahmins are calm, so is Shri Ram,
And when erupted, Parashurama is there.

Dua should not be with words because of heart
Brahmins also listen to those who cannot speak.

The scare of Yamraj is called Yamdoot by which Yamraj is called Pandit.

Be it the market of Gijgarh, “Black Safari Car”, be it, my friend,
And the beholder will say, “May this be the” Chhora of Braman “My choir’s yaar “.

Being old is very special,
The love of a Brahmin is immense.

Do not show attitude
If it will hit a Brahmin.
Then he will be at home.

Thy yo ego so two days story
Ar Mahara Attitude So
Childhood as a family

Show attitude
Is also an art
Which comes only to the pandits.

Pulse free
And goods without attitude
Brahmin does not like kauni….

Pagali we are Brahmins
To rule is in our blood
Whether it is on kilos or on hearts !!

At one time, the blonde will be a little girl of Brahman from above, every har Mahadev.

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